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I will be teaching you flexible dieting habits because life is about balance!! I will be emailing a questionnaire to get to know your lifestyle and the goals you will achieve!!

The following is included:

  • Customize Diet plan
  • A example grocery list
  • Customized Training programs
  • At home training programs 
  • Online form videos
  • Cardio regiment
  • Weekly check-ins through video chat and emails
  • Weekly Adjustments for your lifestyle
  • My phone number


Client requirements:

  • You will be using a app called my fitness pal to track your calories/macros 
  • Own a food scale to weigh out your food 
  • You must hit your daily goals to the best of your abilities
  • Own an accurate body weight scale and weigh yourself every morning track it
  • Provide weekly pictures of your progress front/back/side
  • If there is anything you don't understand then please tell me no matter what I am here to help you!